About the Area

About the Area

Quick History Lesson…

Adams and Rose is based in Poole, a town which relishes in tourism and trade, with the port being an important factor in providing the introduction of the wool trade in the 12th century. This led to the town prospering, growing quickly from a small settlement into a large town and by the 18th century, via trade links with North America, reaching its peak as one of the busiest ports in Britain. During this time Poole had more ships trading with North America than any other English port and due to the new found wealth, much of the Old Town (where many medieval buildings were before) became replaced with Georgian mansions and terraced housing. The town then saw another large surge during the Industrial Revolution, which led to a vast amount of industry taking over the harbour and trade booming for a second time. Many of the Victorian homes built during this era still remain today.

Poole Today…

In more recent times, Poole has gained a strong reputation as a seaside town with sandy, unspoilt beaches, beautiful views of the area and of course, featuring the world’s second largest natural harbour. The latter is ideal for almost every water-related sport, from wakeboarding to power boating. Poole offers much more as well, with its own historical museum, the second largest arts centre outside of London, ferries to France and Brownsea Island and the world-famous Sandbanks Peninsula, featuring beautiful views of the harbour and providing homes to the rich and famous. Poole also features a large park that is home to tennis courts, large playing fields, a mini golf course and not forgetting the large lake, which also features water sporting activities and its own events.

Poole has an enviable reputation that comes with stunning views and a rich sense of history that is unique to the area. To the immediate East is Bournemouth, with its own local features such as Bournemouth Gardens and the famous Bournemouth Air Festival.


Although Poole is the town in which we are located, Adams and Rose is actually located in the large district of Poole known as Parkstone. This is one of the more sought-after parts of the area, due to the residential nature of the area and its variety of pre and post-war buildings. The area is unofficially divided into ‘Upper’ and ‘Lower’ areas, from the higher ground in the North to the lower ground in the South. Ashley Road is the main shopping centre in Upper Parkstone offering a wide variety of shops and businesses including supermarkets, banks, cafes and specialist shops. Lower Parkstone features the chic and fashionable Ashley Cross, which retains character from being a village but also includes a shopping district and also has a pretty central park, hosting multiple events throughout the year.

Local transport links include frequent bus routes and two train stations that link both Poole and Bournemouth to other parts of the area and beyond. Additionally, Parkstone is close to main roads, including the nearby A338 and A31.

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